As a property manager or homeowners association member, you have a lot of responsibilities! If one of them includes looking for a dependable painting contractor that can meet the needs of your community, then you’ve found the right company! Roe Painting is a family owned business with decades of experience and guarantees your satisfaction!

Minimize Impact on the Residents

Painting an HOA or multi-family unit takes special care to avoid possible disruptions. Roe Painting understands that people live in these units and do our very best to cater to their needs, as well as your needs as the project lead. We understand that special planning may be in order, including working nights or weekends, to ensure the project is done on-time and on-budget with as little impact on the residents as possible.

Why it Makes Sense to Paint on Schedule

Maintaining your painting schedule keeps the facilities looking great and ensures the best curb appeal possible. Regular painting goes beyond pure aesthetics! There are also more practical reasons:

  • Deters deterioration due to extended exposure to sun, rain, snow, pollution, moisture, etc.
  • Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of your facility’s coatings
  • Reduces the amount of preparation time needed for the next painting project
  • Improves resale value and realistic rental rates

Routine Painting and Maintenance Saves Money

Routine upkeep is required for any item to work its best. Whether it’s a Cadillac or a Fender guitar, taking care of it means it lasts longer than it might otherwise have. It’s much cheaper to change the oil regularly in the Cadillac than it is to replace the engine years later. The same can be said of HOAs and multi-family buildings. Investing in your routine painting and maintenance will ensure you have the best chance at longevity.

Roe Painting is here to make your job, and life, easier! You can depend on our team to do a great job of making you look good! Property management and HOA membership can be difficult jobs. It’s less difficult if you have the right team on your side. Let Roe Painting be a part of your team and that’s one less task you’ll have to worry about!

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